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OFA Hips- "Fair"
OFA Elbows- "Normal"

OFA Cardiac- "Normal"


CH AC CelticCoons Octavia At Snowy River


(Masking Red)

Genetic Testing

Hypertropic Cardriomyopathy- N/N "Clear"

Polycystic Kidney Disease- N/N "Clear"

Pyruvate Kinase deficiency- N/N "Clear"

Agouti- A/a 

Amber- E/E "Clear"

Blood Type- "A" or "AB"

Chocolate & Cinnamon- B/B  "Clear"

Color Point Restrictions- C/C "Clear"

Dilute- D/D "Clear"

Long Hair- "Long Haired"

Preaxial Polydactyl- "Clear"

Snowy River
Maine Coons

Octavia earned her CFA Champion Title and Agility Title 2/18/24

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